social media saves the day!

yesterday, a little lost dog named Yoda was quickly reunited with this humans thanks to the power of social media. 
adorable(!) Yoda was lost and wandering our neighborhood, and sadly when his finder called the number on the nametag, it was disconnected. the good citizen immediately took Yoda to our ‘hoods animal clinic and started spreading the “found” message. the message went onto our neighborhood’s website, then to a Facebook page. from there, a Willo friend of ours sent me a social media message, which i texted to danny and neighbors. then, just a few hours later while on his way home from work, d saw a “lost” sign on a light pole and sure enough it was Yoda! the sign indicated that Yoda’s tag was outdated, so d called and let the owner know his little pooch was safe and sound. Yoda is home. 
pretty cool. love our neighborhood. love the positive power of technology. love happy endings. 

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