ethnic fare for four.

after happy hour, nick, angela, d & i decided on indian food for dinner.
tempe has a ton of ethnic options – indian, thai, pakistani, ethiopian.
so per nick’s recommendation, we landed at the Delhi Palace Cuisine of India and it was so good!
nick is quite the traveler, so we let him take care of the ordering on behalf of the table.
we had samosas, lamb curry, chicken tikka masala & a vegetarian dish plus two types of naan and basmati rice.

upon walking in, nick scooped up a spoonful of this herb & seed mixture, put it in my hand and told me to eat it… to cleanse my palette. it was, er, interesting. kinda like mint mixed with black licorice. cleansed.
when in india… kingfisher.
nicoli deep in the menu. me & any, deep in the naan.
equal parts deeeeelicious, flavorful & colorful. so tasty.
earlier in the week, i saw a link to this website on another blog and found it really interesting. you enter your birthday, and it talks about your personality traits based on the day you were born, day of the week, month, etc. it gives an overall “headline” along with health & personality traits.
i entered mine and it was strangely accurate. so i gave danny’s a whirl – holy crap – it was him. danny had the idea to print out angela & nick’s and we’d all review/discuss them during dinner. we each read another person’s and it was super interesting and almost eerie. angela & nick’s were pretty spot-on, too.
give it a try here: Secret Language of Birthdays


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