fantastic foto friday (snapped at mumford & sons)

feast your eyes on this
yup, that’s my very own german sex tourist.this photo will never get old. i love it. we laugh each time we look at it.
i snapped this gem last month at the mumford & sons concert.
it was easily the only good thing that came out of the show.
it was terrible. but that’s a whole other looong story.

don’t get me wrong, we love mumford & sons.
but it was the worst concert experience of all time. 
the traffic. the venue. the crowd. the sound system. the concessions. the everything.

three songs into the show, we looked at each other and decided to bail. it was too much to bear.
danny salvaged the night and raced us off to the crescent ballroom to see STRFKR instead.

on our way out of the (worst) venue, i stopped to pee and a few minutes later came out to this sight.
the solo creep loitering outside the ladies room with a camera around his neck held up by a rainbow strap,
strappy rubber mandals, short shorts & a big grin on his face.


i love this man.
and i love that he loves this outfit. and rocks it. and owns it.

every friday should start with a fantastic foto.
perhaps a new installment on the blog?


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