linner is the new brunch.

just you watch. it’s gonna be the next big thing.
i’m a big fan of linner (super late lunch). it just needs a cooler name. i like it because you get to sleep in, eat a late breakfast, do your chores (i’m one of those people who has to get things in order before i can really relax) and then crank things up around 4 o’clock when you’ve got tons of energy, it’s still daylight and then you can just see where the night takes you. perfection.
here’s my thing with brunch… i’m a huge fan, particularly because i love daytime cocktailing. however, if i do a real boozy brunch, it’s pretty much a guarantee i won’t get anything done before i go and there’s a good chance i won’t do anything after. i feel like that’s a perk of linner – you get to dabble in a little bit of both daytime and nighttime play.

it makes tons of sense, right? here’s a glimpse at last weekend’s late saturday afternoon at the vig uptown.

the vig uptown
an arizonan’s summer dream.
the naturally lit indoor “patio”

so what do you think on pushing this late afternoon concept with me?


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