new baby love. blair tatum.

while in california, we headed up to huntington beach so we could finally meet this sweet sleeping angel, miss blair tatum. at just 3.5 months old, this little lady already has a piece of our hearts. her mama & daddy (seen here) are glowing and making parenthood look equal parts glamorous, easy and wonderful. danny and i couldn’t get enough of this adorable little lady and can’t wait to be on the sidelines as auntie t & uncle d as she grows up.
watching your dearest girlfriends go through the motions of having children will never get old – the chills, the smiles, the tears of joy and the “holy shit you’re a mom” conversation will never ever stop. it’s awesome.

blair is getting to know herself in the mirror. we had to take a snap.
not gonna lie, these kinda photos really do make me smile. loving the pastels & flexed arms.
proud older brother, nixon. not that he was doing anything for attention.
aaaannddd.. she’s totally out. rocked to sleep in my arms. baby whisperer?
with blair’s beautiful mama.
i’m so in love with your little bebe, tiff.
you’re a glowing mama that i so admire.
i hope you know that.


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