sunday pizza in the neighborhood.

there’s no denying it: we eat pizza 3 out of 4 sunday nights a month. it’s kinda a thing. (more about sunday traditions here).
judge us all you want.
last night, we decided to shake things up and walk to the local pizza shop to actually dine in verses take out on our couch. big deal for us. seriously, ooohhhhh big changes around here. it was the first time we’d eaten there.
i’m a little obsessed with our neighborhood.
these streets.
landmark willo sign & the one of a kind easley’s costume shop
arizona’s NYPD pizza shop
the cheesy tv commercial pull of the slice with the cheese still stuck… perfection.
hawaiian. a very polarizing pizza flavor. a personal fave of mine.
i’d already finished the chelsea chopped salad. my fave.
our dusky walk home on a warm summer night.
note: if you’re looking for other good pizza in downtown phoenix, pino’s pizza al centro is fantastic.
however, they’re closed on sundays. bummer for both of us.


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