the past 10 days in 10 letters: e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-n-g.

{watching last week’s sunrise in denver, colorado} 

work has been a little nuts. 
early mornings – long days – late nights.
not nearly enough hours in the day.
come friday night, i finally crashed. i slept for 12+ hours.
saturday morning i woke up to a fresh pot of coffee & a 10 o’clock massage appointment. 
i feel like a new person. refreshed. happy. anxiety levels back down.

when did we go from carefree college kids to full-blown career people? 
the kind of people who are in charge of strategically advising people on how to spend enormous sums of money. 
the people co-workers and clients lean on for ideas, problem solving, managing timelines & execution.
pretty surreal still (& stressful) if you think about it too much.
guess we’re officially grown ups now. 


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