girlfriend’s napa trip – a little movie.

i’m pretty sure there are only 7 people in the world who will enjoy this video (myself included), but hey, that’s what it’s all about.

when i was talking to my dad about home videos, he said it best. videos are really for the people who are in them. sure they’re fun for others to watch, but for the people who lived it, even a 2-second clip can bring back 20-minutes or even 2-days worth of emotion and memories.

so true.

it’s seeing the little things like tiff’s body language when she’s answering the wine master’s question, the way carlye hold’s a cocktail and her classic “no?! expression,”┬ácolby’s “i’m sorry – we’re fabulous” demeanor, jenny’s pouty lip and sassy ‘tude when she’s feeling good, shmer’s signature invisible microphone and lisa’s sweet look of contentment with her baby & best babes. it’s being able to read lips, hear the songs that aren’t playing and remember how you felt at that exact moment.



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