loving on sweet baby sture in san francisco.

the four-day girls getaway started in san francisco where we got to meet lisa & reed’s seven-week-old sture. the sweet swedish babe (sture is pronounced stir-ee) arrived on danny’s birthday and the two boys share the same middle name. d was pretty pumped.

it was so perfect for the new mom that we were all coming to her city for our reunion trip. we spent a full day relaxing in the city with the group’s newest mom and bebe.

little sture is the first boy in the group! we’ve got four girls and one boy now.
my turn to love on him!
gustav “gus gus” the corgi
 the new mom had delicious homemade croissants, espresso & mimosas ready for our arrival!
we couldn’t get over how wonderfully chic lisa & reed’s (tiny) san francisco apt was. so so so great.
look at this awesome backyard! lisa’s husband has taken a liking to the grass.

shmer, our only mum to two, showing us how it’s done
born in wonderful san francisco.
girl talk. nail painting. baby swaying.
we loaded up the babe and walked through lisa’s picture perfect Mission Delores neighborhood to lunch
the amazing park in lisa & reed’s neighborhood
a long lunch on the patio at tacolicious (and it was totally delicious)
the corn is a must-try. skip the black beans.
 a perfect day in the city
don’t go aunt jenny…
congratulations, lisa & reed on your perfect bundle of love.
like all things in life, you two have tackled this one relaxed, level headed and one day at a time.
sture is one lucky little man. xx


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