recovery day at the spa solage.

the older you get, the smarter you get. not necessarily because your iQ goes up, but because you finally start to learn from past experiences and can foreshadow things. we were all joking that if this trip would have been even five years ago, we obviously would have done two days of wine tasting and skipped a boring day at the spa. but, we’ve wised up so saturday morning after wine tasting, we ate a big home cooked breakfast and were off to Spa Solage. it is seriously wine country heaven. wanting to do a group treatment, we opted for the “mudslides” which was a multi-step process of, well, mud. it was unlike any other spa treatment  any of us had had and was the perfect way to quickly recover and refresh. there was a mud sauna, private outdoor showers, soaking tubs and these insane “eggs” that you shook you to choreographed music and resulted in the ultimate power nap. we all walked away like jello. following our spa treatments, we headed to our cabana and spent the rest of the day poolside.
hair of the dog. the quickest way to recover.
each girl got to select her favorite scented oil to be added to her personal tub of mud.
shmizzle looking fabulous in her new hat from the spa.
pinch me.

if you’re lucky enough to stay at Hotel Solage, you get bicycles to ride around on.
per a recommendation from another guest at Black Rock Inn, we had lunch at the restaurant vs. poolside.
it was a nice break from the sun, and an excuse to explore the Solage property. plus, lunch was delicious. 
looking outside from the relaxation room. 
why, thank you! and thank you even more for sweetly comping our cabana!
our view for the day. one of many pools on the property.
drinks. on drinks. on drinks.
woah there jenny… lookin’ like quite the lush with that stash of empty stemware.
after a glorious day at the spa, we headed home to get ready for our celebratory birthday dinner out.

pre-dinner cocktails were a favorite moment of mine. everyone was so happy at that moment. 

group shot outtake #389
simply the best. everything.
we decided on goose & gander for dinner and it did not disappoint. 
delicious & pretty cocktails and small bites to share.
already discussing the next trip. for real.
after dinner drink in the happenin’ basement of goose & gander. the hot spot in st. helena.
i really want to like dirty martinis. but never do.
i let carlye, the dirty martini expert, order me one for our thirtieth celebration, and…
…. it was really good! no joke. she knew how to get it just right.
(car, will you text me the order?)

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