welcome to the *new* tale of two tings

tahhhh dahhhh!

welcome to the new & very much improved Tale of Two Tings! i’m so glad you’re here.

after 3+ years of blogging, it was time for a face lift. it’s all the same stuff, just a enhanced interface.

for so long, i’ve dreamed of a more dynamic site with neatly organized “snapshots” of categorized posts and easily accessible content. the content has aways been there, but required some major digging to ever find what you were looking for. with the new blog’s navigation + sub-navigation and a categorized “gallery” layout, it’s fun to see everything grouped together – recipes, frenchies, travel, music, weddings…. all in one neat & tidy place.

like most daunting tasks, it feels so good now that’s it’s (almost*) completed. and of course, i’m annoyed that i didn’t do this sooner. but! no dwelling. *i’m still doing some house cleaning from the migration and have a couple of “wish list” items that are in development – coming soon!

a couple of sundays ago, i promised myself that i’d start the process and not get overwhelmed and walk away like i’d done many times before – just do it! for me, that process started with migrating 900+ posts from my old “Blogger/Blogspot” system to a much better platform, WordPress. the thought of having to re-learn a new system was scary, but it had to be done, and thanks to two supportive and patient WordPress Wizards in my life (thank you, Shannon & Nate!) it was a smooth transition.

soooo… welcome to the tale of two tings 2.0. i’m glad to have you here!

xx teri


as you explore the new site TheTaleofTwoTings.com, please let me know if you find anything funky.

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