multi-tasking, multi-fashking. just focus!

focusmy brain feels like splatter paint lately. little of this. smidge of that. but what’s it really amount to?

i may convince myself that’s what multi-tasking looks like, but the truth is i neeeeeeeed to focus.

as both my personal & professional to-do list’s grow, i find myself “touching” a hundred projects a day, but not making substantial headway. this, my friends, is what we like to call “multitasking” but is it really? sometimes, sure. but lately my “multi-tasking” isn’t resulting in any measurable productivity.

when this happens, i force myself to FOCUS and it helps tremendously. wake up and pick the top 2-3 things big or small (professional & personal) that you MUST / WANT to get done that day. that’s the easy part. the hard part — aaaaaaannnnything else that comes up or you find yourself wandering towards o the list gets ignored until those things are 100% completed. period.

doing this for a week is so much more productive than “multi-tasking” for a week. 

we’re all guilty of it, but it particularly drives me crazy to see things linger on my list. for example, sending a birthday card can take a full week by the time i buy it, fill it out, get a stamp, send it. or booking a flight… you’ll go to 5 times, but never just book it. these are really like a 15 minute tasks from start to finish, but after getting distracted and putting it off… you hear me.

give it a try this week. focus on ONE task at hand, finish it & move on.

you’ll be amazed at how good you feel.


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