On the road again. off to flagstaff we go.

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a short week with vacation bookends? uh huh. that’s what we did last week.

after being home just three days, we turned around on friday (our actual wedding anniversary) and drove 2 hours north into the pine trees of flagstaff for another mini getaway. friends of ours continually offer up their home in the woods, so d made a last minute executive decision to take them up on their offer for a weekend of relaxing. this in itself was a pretty big deal that danny planned a getaway, and i was a giant crabapple leading up to the trip (probably because i didn’t have total control over the plan), but like most things in life, you’re glad you did it.

we spent one day walking around downtown, plopped on brew patio where we watched the summer monsoon roll in and after brew pub stop #3 a massage sounded good, so we made a spontaneous appointment at a local shoppe. they were way too nice to publicly bash, so all i’m going to say is that i felt like i paid for a manhandle vs. a massage. no joke, i had to ice my bruised neck the next morning. i came out of my session and couldn’t make eye contact with d and he knew something was up. it made for a good laugh – and excuse to run in the rain straight for another beer.

oh how we love flagstaff. it’s the perfect mountain town with its low key peeps (mother/daughter singing gypsy duo?), hippie stores (i got an awesome crocheted fall accessory), unlimited craft brews and amazing food. on saturday night, we had a giant and totally delicious dinner at pato thai nextdoor to the Monte Vista, our usual flagstaff digs.

on sunday, we woke up to the rain pouring down which was the perfect excuse to skip our planned hike (shucks!) and just curl up on the couch with donuts and a good book. the entire day, danny would walk up to me and make a remark like, “so. good. can’t. put. it. down.” — but really, you know when you’re just that into a book you forget to eat? the best. hunter and i didn’t leave our spot next to the fireplace until danny told me we had to get going that evening.

if d didn’t have to fly out for a work trip the next morning, we were totally planning to stay an extra night & play hooky.


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