hello, thirty.


i’m sure 2013 felt like light-years away when my parents said hello to me for the first time in 1983. and yet, here we are. it’s my thirtieth birthday. it’s definitely a big one, but i’m excited. everyone around me says that the 30’s are the best. while there’s a part of me that just can’t believe that’s true, i don’t doubt them because i can honestly say that life has gotten exponentially better with each passing year. insecurities shrink, relationships strengthen, careers get more fulfilling, and the person you want to be + life you want to live gets more in focus each day. it’s a good feeling.

for the past month, i’ve been chatting with danny a lot about my twenties. there’s definitely a part of me that’s a little weirded out that my textbook “youth” is over, but i can honestly say that i maximized the last 10 years – no regrets* (*well, maybe a few but that’s to be expected from a grade A dweller). it’s quite overwhelming to reflect about the last decade as a whole, almost impossible. i get emotional thinking about the friendships, family, firsts, major milestones, mistakes and all the forgotten memories in-between. without one iota of doubt, it’s all blended into the me i am today. as i’ve reflected, i keep coming back to how thankful i am for the balance danny’s helped me with: working & playing. saving & spending. managing marriage and friendships. explorer & homebody. learning & letting go. wanting vs. needing. growing up but staying young.

alright, it’s time to tie a pretty pink bow around my 20’s and put that decade up on the memory shelf.

it was the best one yet.

smell ya, twenties. it’s been real.

(the best part? nothing really changes today, right?)


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