Spanky the Beagle. Our Reminder to be Thoughtful Consumers.

obviously we’re big fans of dogs over here. i mean, we’ve got an entire section of this blog dedicated to our frenchie(s). obsessed.

i saw this video about spanky the beagle and it warmed my heart. but moreso, it reminded me to be a smarter consumer and avoid purchasing products that are tested on animals. the thought of hunter as a lab rat is too much to think about. and on a higher level, it’s a reminder to us all to be smart, thoughtful consumers and to know about the products that you’re buying and in return, the companies you’re supporting. there are so many choices today, try to support brand’s who’s mission and purpose align with your personal values. i’ve got some research to do.

and on another note, i think Petco’s new brand positioning is really smart. watch the new ad here.

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