labor day weekend in santa monica.

we vacillated back and forth on what to do and where to go for our annual labor day “birthaversary” getaway. we’re big proponents of trying new places, but santa monica seemed to have everything we were craving for our weekend away. short travel time, cooler temperatures, a body of water, low-key luxury, tasty restaurants and our local friends was a big bonus. d booked us a room at the viceroy santa monica and it was really awesome. the vibe was super cool, but it was the service that made the place top-notch in our book. we touched down in california at 9:20am on saturday morning and the entire time, i felt equal parts in love, spoiled and celebrated… everything a girl wants on her wedding anniversary & 30th birthday. the weekend was a clear winner.


P1140572       checking out chillin’ in the viceroy lobby, checking out restaurant recommendations.P1140583the first thing we did was check-out bikes from the viceroy and cruise along the santa monica bike path.santa monicaP1140585ting loves watching skaters.  P1140588 per multiple recommendations, we landed at Venice Ale House for lunch. the food + drinks were delicious. i was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t your typical “ale house” fare – but rather things like quinoa bowls, open face tuna melts & fruit covered salads. P1140591 P1140592this reminds me of a gameboard. the stripes and the cement blocks on the right. kinda like a chess board in the making?P1140596P1140593P1140595our home for the weekend. nothing much from the outside.   P1140599and then, there’s the inside. P1140604 our room.P1140606

P1140607view of the pool from our room on the 7th floor.P1140608i immediately moved in.P1140609 while ting chilled and enjoyed his IPA. upon check-in, “may i offer you a beverage?” why yes, thank you. you may. IMG_2335 the pool from my lounge chair. our window is the almost top one that’s open.P1140612 night night ting tong. cat nap by the pool for the mister.  P1140614 i loooooove hotels. the robes. the room service. the beds. ting has finally caught up to my obsession.P1140616dinner at Gjelina in Venice. we were those people without a reservation. 2.5 hours later, we sat for a laaate dinner. P1140618P1140620 he was up before me and went out to fetch coffee & breakfast for me to enjoy in bed. again, i love hotel stays.IMG_2331it felt wrong to sit inside the hotel room on such a beautiful morning. uncharacteristic of vacation tings, we decided to hit the beach path for a morning run. it felt greeaaaaat. probably should consider doing that more often.IMG_2329ting giving the rings a whirl. IMG_2330 IMG_2334 i mean…. ahhh… the life. P1140622and then colby & jake came to the viceroy on sunday for a little DJ pool parteee. P1140627i was embarrassing colby with my “blossom” hat.P1140628 P1140630 P1140637 P1140640 P1140643P1140652P1140651  P1140655 P1140661P1140656   P1140672 P1140674 those two. his face. really, colbs? me, you two are at it again?IMG_2345 after the pool, we walked down to the iconic Shutter’s on the Beach for appetizers and drinks. IMG_2353 P1140682 P1140686  P1140693  P1140698 i am obsessed with this photo. P1140705 P1140732 later in the day, we met Carly & Kory for a birthday celebration of six at Stella Barra Pizzeria in Santa MonicaStevie Nicks - Original P1140707there was a candle & a wish.P1140711 P1140719 P1140722

Sweathog….and then we went dancing. dancing like there was no tomorrow (or anti-perspirant) P1140738the next am, we took full advantage of late checkout and walked across the street to Cora’s Coffee Shoppe for breakfast. P1140741 P1140743 P1140751 P1140754 P1140758  after breakfast, we walked along the beach… and then i laid in the sand and napped off the remainder of my hangover.IMG_2363one final toast of the weekend…. with mcdonald’s vanilla ice cream cones at LAX.

i’m already looking forward to next year’s birthaversary.

our little video from the weekend can be seen here.


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