channeling our german roots at oktoberfest.

phoenix oktoberfestat oktoberfest it’s genial (awesome in german) to fill a baby boot with beer & hang it around your neck.P1150235surprisingly i didn’t hear the chicken dance once. awe shucks. P1150228the dance floor was dominated by two primary age groups. P1150249see? but for reals, these two were tearing things up. P1150239miss makaela checking out her crazy family!   P1150251 P1150271 P1150269 P1150253 P1150266 P1150273 P1150274 P1150279lucky for dogg, the line for Riesling was about 1/100th of the beer line. good time to be anti-beer.P1150281
my view: lanyards were are a perfectly acceptable oktoberfest acessory. P1150283waiting in line – how we spent the majority of our time at oktoberfest.oktoberfest phoenixoh, and this was my view 15 minutes later when i busted a move forgetting that i had a boot of beer around my neck.

happy oktoberfest


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