the first friday in october 2013.

ting loves him some first fridays art walk. the kid never gets tired of it. this month, we invited vickdogg & bjoe along for the ride — eh, walk. we walked and we talked. P1150177P1150203got the mango flavor, so technically it’s FRUIT, not dessert. P1150205lovely tree lined streets in the hood. P1150202 P1150200 P1150199 P1150196 P1150193
art walk kids. ting is hot. just sayin’. first friday art walkP1150191
shocking that i loved the 1970’s photography collection. P1150188
food truck mania at the art walk. the pizza people truck opened a physical restaurant & sadly they should stick to trucks.P1150187
hey joe! that’s you.P1150186
without fail, we always bump into tiger heist. this guy and his guitar get around.P1150184  P1150174
listening to the terrible scream rock coming from revolver record store. holy shit it was bad.P1150173
here’s an idea… let’s all scream into our microphones and see how many people we can trick into standing & watching!P1150172


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