insomnia, you’re a nightmare.

traditional bed
<our super cozy all-white bed & diy headboard>

how ironic is it that i’m writing a blog post about insomia while i should be sleeping? perhaps not ironic, but expected.

i’m not sure quite what it is. lately my mind will not shut off, but it’sĀ stupidĀ stuff. stuff that can wait, but my dumb mind won’t let it.

i feel like i’ve tried it all. i got a new silk sleepmask. new ear plugs. taken benadryl, melatonin, nyquil zzz’s (don’t worry, not all together). i changed up the sheets. my pajamas. slept in the guest room. made danny swap sides of the bed with me. some music. no music. no caffeine after noon. meditation. ahhhhhhhhh!

being awake when you want to be asleep is the absolute worst. sometimes, when it’s really bad and i start want to cry in the middle of the night, i’m kinda sorta extra restless and sometimes “accidentally” wake up Danny. misery loves company. especially at 3am. sorry, d.

now i feel like i’m psyching myself out and dread bedtime. i’m kinda losing my mind. or am i just exhausted?

any tips, hints or tricks?


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