a late night with lacey jaye.

it wouldn’t be a home visit without spending time with miss lacey jaye. we met for a late night drink at Vintana, a place that threw me for a total loop because it’s on the top of a Lexus dealership. like, you drive into the dealership and then keep winding up the parking garage until you’re on top. definitely unique. we snagged a warm seat next to a fire pit and cozied in for chatting until the lights came on and we realized we were the last two standing. quick trips are an easy excuse to skip visits like these, but then you’re there and realize that even just 3 hours with a friend is better than none. we reminiscied about our childhood, swapped husband stories, talked about our parents, us becoming parents, our frenchies…. and to end the night, lacey got to see me pull away in my first car. she was with me when i picked it out and my parent’s bought it for me. we were cracking up at how we’d come full circle as i drove away from the wine bar in “the beast.” hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time.

P1150127vintana wine barIMG_2738

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