oktoberfest: take two.

P1150360festive les // teri // weeze // rach do oktoberfest at talking stick fields in scottsdale.P1150336pouring one out for mr. woody, alicia’s pooch who she had to say goodbye to last weekend. we toasted in his honor. P1150337cornhole for days.P1150338who doesn’t love a sausage party? P1150340…or a corn dog. yuuuum. P1150343mr. mr. mikis hooked us up with the aforementioned corn dogs. gracias, amigo. P1150348 P1150349 P1150356 P1150357  P1150363 P1150365 P1150366 P1150368

deciding on a crop top for a beer festival was not my most genius idea ever. thank god for stretchy high-waisted pants. P1150371 P1150375
omg. we saw this BLING necklace sparkling from a distance and knew we had to become friends with this lady. P1150376
where the cool kids hang out. the western bar at oktoberfest. totally makes sense. just think about it. P1150383
me & weeze. sisters from another mister. for real, we can’t go anywhere without people asking us if we’re sisters. P1150387 P1150399
dancing on the main stage. i’m behind weeze.P1150400
…getting kicked off the main stage. P1150405
dancing. can’t stop. won’t stop. P1150408 P1150412 P1150421
kettle corn, anyone? oh sorry, there isn’t any left.  P1150424 P1150447
and then things were kind like this in the dance party cab ride. P1150477
we’re a girl band. have i not mentioned that before? P1150483

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  • Reply October 24, 2013

    Erica Newton

    Hahah!! I love this post! Looks like the best time ever! And the girl band? Awesome. Are you in the fiddle? Ha.

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