baking success. danny’s perfect 10 chocolate chip cookies.

it’s been well documented over the years that danny and i aren’t much of bakers. cooking – absolutely, but we always fall flat on our face when we try to bake something.

last weekend we had a holiday party to attend and while i immediately brainstormed all kinds of salty snacks to make, danny really wanted to take (and eat) chocolate chip cookies.

our last attempt was a total fail, so i googled “best chocolate chip cookie recipe” and found one with 5,500 reviews and 5-stars. we gave it a go and after the first batch came out of the oven, we looked at each other and danny said, i think we finally did it. and then, the taste test came — perfect 10. chewy on the inside, a little crispy on the edge and a nice balance of cookie to chip.

best chocolate chip cookies recipe
{steven, like our iPad stand?}best chocolate chip cookies recipe best chocolate chip cookies recipe best chocolate chip cookies recipe {cookie perfection}

recipe can be found here.
note: we added a little more salt & baked each batch for 11-minutes.

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