danny’s only got eyes for FIR her.

it’s the ninth tree we’ve trimmed together (i think) and this one was an easy pick. danny had a case of love at first sight when his saw this little noble fir. we twirled a few other trees but nothing compared. danny swept this freshly clipped beauty right off her trunk and we headed home.


it was a crisp sunday, december 1 in phoenix when we ventured out for our tree. we were both laughing at how ironic it was that last year we decided to get a HUGE tree and had a little mini cooper (seen here), and this year we got a MINI tree and have a giant battle tank as a car. figures.
P1150914christmas treeP1150923
{oh the joys of identifying the burnt bulb}P1150922
{how i help light the tree: hold & snap photos. when i posted my view on Instagram, it was interesting for me to hear that some people light their tree from the top down. i’ve always done it from the bottom up. what about you?}P1150930

for you big city folks, did you hear the UBER has joined forces with Home Depot for tree delivery?
learn more here.

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