take out sunday with a twist.

http://www.creativesoulinmotion.com/2011/11/erins-fundamentals-to-meal-planning/chinese-takeout-with-cookie-and-blank-fortune/despite trying to avoid all asian-related food items leading up to our trip (per the tip of multiple friends), we indulged a craving for chinese food from here last night. it was delicious. we curled up on the couch, watched anthony bourdain’s no reservations featuring central vietnam and took notes on the best places for pho.

from the outside it looked like a typical sunday night at the tings, but it felt different. this sunday night marked the start of our final work week for a looong time. as we watched anonthy zip around vietnam we actually recognized the city names and grinned at each other thinking that in just two weeks, we too will be exploring asia and eating fresh pho. o.m.g.


it’s our last work “monday” today. equally awesome & strange.

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  • Reply December 17, 2013


    Last work Monday!!! EEEKKK SO cool and so EXCITING! Can’t wait to squeeze you before the adventure begins.

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