wildcats in devil territory.

late saturday evening, we left tucson to represent the Wildcats in tempe for the annual UA vs. ASU territorial. naturally the bar lines on Mill Avenue were crazy, but conveniently there was a Pita Pit next-door so we ate our dinner pitas in line (i, of course, loved the nostalgic start to our very collegiate night). and yes, Pita Pit tastes the exact same as it did at 2am on University. the worst part about being on Mill Avenue was that every time ASU would score, they’d shoot off a firework at the nearby stadium which would scare the shit out of you and then thanks to the TV’s live 3-second delay, as soon as your heart was back in its place, the entire bar would erupt (and if you watched the game, you know that this happened a lot). we don’t really need to talk about the game. but we’d be glad to talk about oregon or duke. yay for basketball season!


my fellow UA alumni girls will appreciate the fact that my t-shirt is a very stiff, thick cotton, extremely high crew neck in a Boys L (14-16). probably paid at least $45 for that ill-fitting beefy boys tee in the bookstore in ’01. thank goodness for my current high-waisted jeans. the second i dug this gem out of the dresser all the terribly wonderful college fashion memories came flooding back.


{she’s actually an NAU Lumberjack, but she was sporting maroon & yellow on mill ave. that night}


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