first traditional thai massage.

traditional thai massage

for massage #2, we decided to get more than just a foot rub and go for a traditional thai massage. after having our feet washed, we hopped onto side-by-side beds surrounded by curtains, laid face down and waited. moments later, our therapists climbed on top of us and the stretching, pulling and twisting began – and didn’t stop for an hour. at one point, when i was being flipped around, i opened my eyes to find danny’s therapist walking on him and smiling down at me. (Google Images “traditional thai massage” and take a peek at the positions).

ting, who’s strangely flexible and awesome at yoga, loved it. me? not as much. i felt like 50% of the time i was in pain and the other 50% i couldn’t relax because i had no idea which limb was going to be tugged on or pushed over my head next.

i think i’m going to stick with the recliner chair massages and let ting get his fill of the full body stretching for the both of us.


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  • Reply January 5, 2014

    Erica Newton

    Haha I just googled it and looked at the images.. Looks like you need to be pretty flexible! Are you sore today?! Oh well at least you can now say you tried it!

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