we’re in luang prabang, laos.

after a couple of days on buses & vans, and a two-day boat ride down the mighty mekong river, we officially departed thailand and crossed over into country number two :: laos! we’re currently in the city of luang prabang and really enjoying it. luang prabang is a french province in the middle of asia and has the baguettes and cafe to prove it.

luang prabang, laos P1170888 P1170889 P1170908 P1170917 P1170955 P1170962

oh, we have so many photos, stories & videos from the past couple weeks to share but the wifi is painfully slow which makes everything excruciatingly time consuming and infuriating. and when we do have some time with the computer, we’re typically trying to figure out our next destination and travel plans. sooooo, as soon as i get some downtime and a decent connection, we’ll give proper updates. until then, we’re off to eat some french/asian cuisine in luang prabang laos.



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