bear down, india. bear down.

Hard to believe that in a city of 20+ million, we flagged down a tuk tuk driver who we later realized was wearing an ARIZONA Wildcats sweatshirt. We were so pumped.

Nobody else seemed to care.

delhi, india
bear down


  • Reply February 24, 2014

    doug parfrey

    go Cats!!!

  • Reply February 28, 2014


    Go Cats, indeed @dougparfrey! Loving your comments on the blog, dude. Hear you have some news of your own! :(

  • Reply August 8, 2014


    I found your blog through my friend Lisa K who met you two in Laos. Your blog is fantastic! My husband and I kicked off a year long honeymoon on July 1st. I was just looking through India as we have plans to go there and I came across this. Love it! I went to U of A as well and that would have made me just as happy to see. Love your blog you are so talented.

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