man vs. mosquito.

It’s a daily battle.

Because it’s not rainy season, there aren’t swarms of mosquitos, but the ones that are around don’t have a fighting chance against D. Yeah, it’s not that we’re scared of mosquitos, just the diseases they carry in these parts: Malaria & Dengue Fever.

We’re stocked up on Doxycycline pills which helps with prevention of Malaria in particular areas (you can check with Government websites to assess your risk in certain cities/countries), but the real kicker is Dengue Fever, which can’t be prevented except by protecting yourself from bites: cover up & spray. (It’s not pronounced “Dang” but that’s what we call it, because it would be a total “dang” moment if we got it). Oh, did I mention that deadly Dangue is on a record-breaking outbreak? This, is not the type of information you’re going to get past Captain Safety. We’ve got sprays and sacks and sleeves, and Capital Safety takes his Anti-Mosquito Mission very seriously.

This is one of my favorites… here’s Ting in his insect-shield sleep sack. We were doing a one-night stop over in a dingy Laos border town (Houay Xi – kinda like Tijuana, Mexico) and the sacks (buy here) were comforting for a few reasons. Despite the cocoon, D was awoken in the night to the buzzing sounds of his enemy, so seconds later it was me who was woken up by my husband drenching me and my hair in Citronella. Once we could finally breath again, we fell back asleep. Eh, good looking out, D?! Oh I love my crazy husband.

insect repellent sleep sack

lastly on the war against mosquitos, a new favorite trick of ours is the, “can’t touch this” dance (a la McHammer) when we’re in confided spaces like an elevator and move around like psychos so the damn things can’t land on us.


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