India: Holy Cow!


For reals. The Hindu religion recognizes cows as holy animals and it’s illegal to eat or sell beef in the country of India. Cows are wandering the streets everywhere, causing traffic jams, making cars/bikes/motorcycles swerve, snacking on street trash and you best watch your step while walking down the street. In the early morning, you’ll see a lot of people feeding the cows for good karma points – the key to the Hindu religion.

We’ve heard a couple of reasons as to why the cows are holy:

01. They’re Our Second Mother. The first milk a human drinks is from its mother, and the second is from a cow – therefore, the second mother.

02. Reincarnation. Again, big part of Hinduism. The cow is the last animal in the cycle of reincarnation before you get to be a human again. So, big deal to get to be reincarnated as a cow.

Now, here’s the fun part. When in Delhi we saw a McDonalds – not necessarily noteworthy – until the light bulb went off that you can’t sell beef in this country. Soooo…. now we’re excited to check out a McDonald’s menu without burgers. Stay tuned.

P1180666 P1180663
{cows & dogs = BFFs}
{just another morning in bikaner, india}
P1180690  P1180703
{i took this photo from a car. the cow was creating a roundabout for the vehicles}P1180691

{moooooove over}
{bessie just wandering the streets of mandawa}cows in india
{tuk tuk, bicycle & a cow napping in the gutter. casual}


this is India.

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  • Reply February 18, 2014


    Not gonna lie, India scares me a little. I\’m not sure I would survive. The rats. The cows. The dirt. The trash. But your photos are sure pretty and you and D look great. Where to next? Keep blogging, I love it.

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