taking on asia’s giant oysters.

danny really wanted a good seafood dinner while we were in the thai islands.
so once he discovered a place of his liking, we hopped on the scooter and off we went.

much more of a seafood lover than i am, it was his night to indulge and take the reigns.
“we’ll start with three oysters…” of course thinking they’d be little appetizer style shooters.
the waitress gave a funny look and when they came out we ┬árealized why…
look at the size of these things!

thailand oysters

poor d had no clue what to do with the fist-sized slime balls in front of him.
fork & knife? spoon? machete? eeehhhh?
i could tell he was a little grossed out, but trying since he made such a fuss about seafood.
after watching him torture the sea creatures, i told him to give it up & order something else already.
i was getting sick just looking at them.
but frankly after that, we both had the ick at the smell or sight of seafood.oysters thailand

the happiest guest at our table?
the loitering soi cat who got quite the seafood delight surprise.
so what did we end up eating for dinner on seafood night?

true story.



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