“yo ho, yo ho… da island life for we.”

following india, we flew directly to the southern thailand province of krabi. although it feels like an island, it’s not. krabi province is a part of southern thailand. we used krabi as our home base while we took day trips and sorted through which islands we wanted to explore more.

if you’re visiting krabi, it’s a nice choice for location, beaches and accessibility to the rest of the islands. within krabi proper, there are two popular areas to say: Krabi Town and Ao Nang. in our opinion, Ao Nang wins hands down and i wouldn’t recommend spending any time in Krabi Town. like usual, we opted to stay in a less-touristy area outside of Ao Nang – the area of “Ao Nammao”. without a hotel reservation and after 26 hours of traveling from india, we walked into “Dawn of Happiness” with our fingers crossed and were thrilled that they had beachfront bungalow #5 available. the place was exactly what we wanted and for $18/night we ended up calling it home for an entire week.

our little slice of Krabi gave us a private beach, shade trees in the sand, and a bar & restaurant that was as delicious and casual as they come. we never pulled out our wallet once, and simply had a running tab of fruit shakes, Changs, pineapple fried rice, pineapple chicken salad, pineapple pancakes. see the trend? and like the other handful of guests, when the owner Dawn wasn’t available, we’d simply help ourselves to the kitchen fridge based on the honor system.

a recap & look at the week we lived at dawn of happiness
: private beachfront massages
: “our spot” in the open-air bamboo dining room
: the best kind of vacations have bikinis & trunks hanging out to dry
: picture perfect sunsets
: lots of reading
: swimming in the warm ocean water
: buzzed night swims & crab hunting
: bungalow #5 and it’s chartreuse green curtains
: fresh pineappleĀ everything

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