custom threads in vietnam.

Since we started this adventure, Danny hadn’t purchased anything that wasn’t a major necessity (toiletry refills & a pair of knock-off CK underwear to replace a couple pairs that didn’t make it back from laundry). His pack job definitely wasn’t perfect, but he’s been determined to make do – aka wear the same button up shirt every single day (don’t lie and say you haven’t noticed that pastel plaid number getting grimy).

So when we arrived in Vietnam I suggested he indulge in a popular Vietnam must-do and have a few custom shirts made. He took the bait (thank God) and after some research we wound up at a highly recommended tailor in Ho Chi Minh City – Phan’s Custom Tailoring. At the shoebox sized shop he picked out some fabrics, showed an example of a shirt he liked online, got measured, had the measurements translated to someone via Skype and the very next day picked up three brand-new-for-D-only shirts. Awesome experience & a very happy shopper.

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while we were in the shop, i noticed some amazing retro-looking patterned fabric so d encouraged me to get something made. i decided to do a high-waisted trouser and did my best to find an example on shopbop. unfortunately, my custom tailor experience wasn’t like d’s. i assumed they’d be created with the pattern going vertically, but it was used horizontally so i literally looked like a clown – and they knew it. they offered to make them into a pair of shorts for me (which was nice), but even those were terribly unflattering. let’s be real. no woman needs crazy bright stripy, chevronish prints plastered vertically across her ass and thighs. we got a good laugh and the cleaning crew at our hotel has a new pair of shorts – i left them behind. they were that revolting on me.


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