date night in an alley in hoi an, vietnam.

one of those nights where a post-shopping happy hour cocktail turns into a three-hour dinner in an alleyway of hoi an, vietnam. our buzzed brains were busy bouncing ideas off each other and buying random crap like peanuts, tiger balm and cards from any street vendor who approached us.

husband2 wife
hoi an, vietnam
delicious cocktails & modern asian cuisine at mango rooms in hoi an.
hoi an, vietnam
pit stop on the ride home for a riverside nightcap at our hotel.


and on a separate occasion where an indian food feast with new friends also resulted in us coming home with handmade clay whistle animals.
a super fun dinner with these two dudes.
and our pack of clay animal friends.

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  • Reply April 22, 2014

    doug parfrey

    I love the clay animals. Look like play-doh and remind me of Gumbi.

    BTW, I love Tigerbalm!!!! I use that stuff before and after all of my games. Much better than Icyhot.


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