street scenes // phnom penh, cambodia

we were surprised by how big cambodia’s capital was. situated on a river, phnom penh was a proper big city with high rises, busy streets and plenty to do and see. we spent four days and three nights exploring the capital before catching a 7-hour bus ride across the border of vietnam.

one of the oddest things in cambodia is that they accept a blend of their currency (Riel) and US dollars (no coins) – in fact, they prefer $USD. so much of the pricing on menus and in shops was $USD but you could pay with a mix of riel and dollars (4000 riel = $1 USD). i found receiving change in a mix of currencies to be super confusing, but danny managed it just fine. we haven’t used $USD since we left. on one hand, it made it very clear how inexpensive everything was, but on the other it made the spending feel real vs. monopoly like traveling money sometimes feels (to me).

phnom penh, cambodia
a very common street scene: local vendors vs grocery stores
phnom penh, cambodia
much of the architecture has a french / european influence from back when the french controlled cambodia
phnom penh, cambodia
ha! this building totally looks like “the viad” in downtown phoenix where i worked for 4 years and now we live just a block from the iconic high rise. it def caught our attention.
phnom penh, cambodia phnom penh, cambodia
view from our hanky panky hotel room window
phnom penh, cambodia
sooo…. are the noodles cold or spicy?
phnom penh, cambodia
streetside haircuts. duh.
phnom penh, cambodiaphnom penh, cambodia 
the cyclo, a common form of transportation in cambodia. some of the poorest earners are cyclo bike peddlers.
phnom penh, cambodia
cambodian street food. the grilled chicken just wasn’t as good as in thailand. sorry, cambodia.
phnom penh, cambodiaphnom penh, cambodiawe must have seen 100 dental places. they all have giant light-up tooth statues in front of the building.


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