a video: what to do in hong kong in 180 seconds.

we loved our week in hong kong.
and if we hadn’t already been committed to onward flights,
we probably would have stuck around for a while.

everything about the city seemed just right.
despite being one of the most densely populated areas of the world,
hong kong is ridiculously clean, easy to navigate and people are happy & courteous.

boasting the most high rises in the world (double NYC), the skyline takes your breath away.
and HK makes sure you’ve got plenty of places for unobstructed views.
the hills are alive in hong kong: in fact, there are outdoor escalators to help you climb.

true to HK form, our Airbnb was a literal shoebox, but in a super hip neighborhood.
there are amazing restaurants & bars at every turn in any cuisine your taste could crave.
the fashion is fantastic.

i could go on and on… and i will when we get some spare time.
we’re officially back to the beach… hello, indonesia.
the next 14 nights will look something like this.

for now, here’s 90 seconds of what to do in hong kong. (for HD, view here)


  • Reply April 30, 2014


    love love LOVE LOVE this vid. xoxo.

  • Reply April 30, 2014


    LOVE this video & love you both!!!

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