a fun brand. period.

i’m in marketing. that’s what i do for a living. well, branding if we’re being specific. and i’m a firm believer that the best brands have personalities – big ones. they’ve got a point of view and an opinion. they’re kinda like people and they know how to communicate their target audience. and the best brands realize that you can’t be BFFs with everyone, so they’re comfortable letting their true personality shine through.

this particular brand – hello flo – is having a ton of fun and i love it (along with the 21+million other viewers). since the first time i saw “camp gyno,” i was hooked. and now, the brand is at it again and i may love the second spot even more. if i had tween daughters, i’d secretly load these spots onto their iPad’s homepage.

hello flo’s first brand video: “camp gyno” here

and the newest: “first moon party” here




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    I LOVE this!!! Ha! I can’t stop laughing!

  • Reply November 8, 2021


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