japanese toilets for the win.

japanese toilets
and i’m not just talking about the bidet feature (water that splashes your rear).
i’m talking about japanese smart toilets
: heated seats
: lids that auto open when they sense your arrival
: musical options – flushing sounds, water trickling & tunes
: built-in deodorizer
: automatic flushing and lid closing

sounds over the top, right?
trust us, it’s not. it’s awesome.

according to this recent article, japanese smart toilets are coming to the USofA.
we’ll be on board. and you should be, too.

japanese toilets
japanese toilets
check out this efficient toilet we found in a ramen restaurant.
at first i was confused by the sink on the toilet’s water tank.
then danny watched & explained what was happening…
after you flush the toilet, the clean water that typically fills up the toilet tank
is plumbed to a sink on top of the tank where you wash your hands, and then
that used water drains directly into the tank to be used as the next time the toilet is flushed.
flush and repeat. no wasted water. genius.



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