where to stay in tokyo :: shibuya.

best place to stay in tokyothe streets of shibuya are always alive.
best place to stay in tokyohip cafes & restaurants everywhere
best place to stay in tokyothe famous shibuya crossing

our last stop in japan (and asia) was tokyo. japan was a last minute add by danny, a lover of big metropolitan cities, specifically for tokyo so we gave ourselves five nights to explore the bright and bustling city. locals and fellow travelers recommended we stay in either shibuya or shinjuku and we chose shibuya.

well, it kinda chose us. when we went to book our room (days before arrival), everything in those areas on TripAdvisor, Agoda & Airbnb was showing “no accommodations” for our dates. this lone Airbnb apartment was thankfully available, so we snatched it right up.

not much bigger than our hong kong abode, but this tokyo place was a full-blown apartment: micro kitchen, bathroom, balcony, washer & dryer (pics via link above). the best part about this flat was its prime location. in the heart of shibuya and walking distance to harajuku, omotesando hills and it was right off “cat street” which is one of the best walking, shopping & eating streets in tokyo.

we loved having our own little apartment to come home to after a stop at our local mart. it was seriously the perfect way to end our time in asia.

shibuya neighborhood tokyoour neighborhood in shibuya
airbnb shibuya tokyo
“cat street” in tokyo – a walking street lined with shops & restaurants
shibuya neighborhood tokyowe were on the top floor of this complex.
shibuya neighborhood tokyodanny took this photo from our front door. kitchen on the left, bath on the right, washer & dryer, two beds & a balcony.
airbnb shibuya tokyoour flat’s japanese washer & dryer. good luck ;)
airbnb shibuya tokyo“ain’t no party like a tokyo flat party, because a tokyo flat party don’t stop”
airbnb shibuya tokyomy man. our ‘hood
airbnb shibuya tokyostaying in shibuya means you’re close to shibuya station, one of tokyo’s biggest metro stations
guaranteeing you’ll have easy access to any line in the city’s massive public transit system.

outside of shibuya station is one of tokyo’s most famous street crossings – Shibuya Crossing.
our first day in tokyo, we popped out of the metro station into the thick of a sea of people crossing simultaneously.
watch this YouTube video to get an idea of the masses.
shibuya crossing IMG_4896


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