reunited & it feels so good.

cute french bulldog family

in my dreams…
e’d see each other for the first time in almost six months and his eyes would get wide, his ears perk up and he’d sprint into my arms at full speed.
i’d swoop him up and we’d cuddle and he’d give me puppy kisses and i’d squeeze him tight.
we’d be inseparable once again. 

and then the highly anticipated reality happened and looked something like this:
he saw us and ran away. ears back and cowered. he was equal parts pissed and petrified.

and queue teri’s tears… again.

it was anything but a climatic, love-filled Today Show reunion,
but the awkwardness subsided within 24 hours and things started to get back to normal.

one week later, i’m happy to report we’re officially a family of three again.


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  • Reply June 13, 2014

    Erica Newton

    Bahahah!! I love this. I can totally imagine it. And all the anticipation of the moment you see him again.. only for THAT to happen. Glad to hear you are back to normal again. He just had to show you.. that he was NOT happy you left.. and dont ever do it again mom and dad.

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