all american glamping at forest lakes, az.

glamping: blend of glamorous + camping

if you can’t be on the beach, i think the great outdoors is the second best way to celebrate america’s birthday. so that is exactly how we spent the fourth of july holiday weekend. a trailer in the forest, cheap beers, quad rides, pine trees, campfires, card games, sing-a-long tunes, beer can chicken, fried jalepeno peppers, friends and smashed faced dogs — can’t think of anything much more ‘merican than that.

rachel & mikis invited us for some good ‘ole glamping at forest lakes, az. it’s absolutely incredible to live in a state that can change so drastically with just a 2 hour drive. as our packed car started to climb elevation, we all cheered as the outside temperature dropped… 30+ degrees. and for us desert kids enduring soaring summer temps and dust storms, watching giant rain drops hit the windshield was the sweetest sight. the six of us spent every minute playing outside in the fresh mountain air before we headed back down the mountain with the rest of phoenix <grrr traffic>. 

hope you had a sparkly holiday weekend filled with nothing but red, white and blue.

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camping forest lakes arizona

video song credit: “fortunate son” by creedence clearwater revival
if you can’t see it above, here’s a little video of our american glamping trip

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