the group emails have been flying, the “i’m so excited” text messages flooding in, the instagram hashtag has been decided (#bestiesplusbabes) and the mutual agreement to leave the heels at home has been established. you know what all this means? it’s time for our summer girl’s getaway!

…and by sunday night we’ll know if we were totally insane or absolute geniuses to invite the babes alongs — kiddos and the hubbies! we’ve done a couple of girl’s trips with one baby, but this is a new ballgame and level of controlled chaos. stay tuned!

{the first trip with a babe in tow – and it was fantastic}

IMG_8945{the second getaway with a little one along – so awesome}

the odds are in our favor. plus, we’re one of those super lucky groups of college girlfriends who (for the most part) met our husbands in college. and those who didn’t, started courting their mates not long after graduation. sooo… the husbands have been friends almost as long as we have. and thanks to our 20’s being jam-packed with weddings and destination vacations, we’re a close knit group. not gonna lie, it works out pretty nicely. there are hundreds more of these shenanigan photos with the boys around.


in between the itinerary and meal planning emails, carlye sent this article to the group: What Being a BFF Means in Your Thirties and it rings so true for our clan. i smiled the entire time i read it and only imagine it’ll become even more real once the other half of us decides to take the parenting plunge (current ratio 4 moms :: 3 non-moms).

speaking of that, did i mention that we have amazing planning skills and miraculously – just like last year’s winederful napa getaway – nobody is preggo, so the One Hope Wine will be a flowin’. whoop! let’s be real. when there are seven*, married, 30-something women together, that’s seriously like hitting the vacation jackpot – twice!

*it’s still pretty surreal to type seven vs. eight,
and these getaways will never feel quite whole without tone.
we’ll have a chocolate martini in your honor, tonehead.

if you’re reading this and have been meaning to reach out to a friend,
but haven’t found the time – do it right now.
life is a precious thing and there’s no guaranteed tomorrow.


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