danny vs. insect >> the saga continues.

if you followed our asia adventure, you know that danny was in constant combat against mosquitos.
it was a very intense daily battle.

and while we left the fear of dengue and malaria behind,
there’s a new insect epidemic: our household has been compromised by drain flies.
the struggle is real.

these tiny, black, moth-like creatures appeared in our life and have been driving us nuts.
we thought it may have been from my abundance of new houseplants, but danny’s research
concluded these “drain flies” were coming up through our sinks and shower.

a week ago, we declared war.
a plethora of supplies and tactics including swatting, tape, closed drains, shut doors & orange liquid goo have been implemented against the enemy.
but despite mr. malaria’s diligent efforts, we’re def not drain fly free.
while sitting on the couch and watching danny buzz around and swat at these things, he actually
looked at me and said, “i feel like i’m fighting this war myself.”
it’s amazing how something so small, with a lifespan of hours, can compromise your sanity.

drain flies
{photo via}

so yeah, that’s the hottest topic in our household lately.
super exciting real life stuff going on over here, huh?
it’s hard not to feel like the second half of 2014 is shaping up to look a little lackluster compared to the first. 

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