six months of saturdays. game over.

you know that feeling when you wake up on a saturday…
“so what do you want to do today?”
that’s how i’ve felt every day since december 20, 2013.
until today. the six+ month sabbatical is officially over.
back to work i go, but refreshed and ready to go.

during our trip, i joked with d that i was turning into an introvert. typically the super social one, i found myself strangely comfortable with lots of alone time. reading for days on end, passing up beers with other travelers and just observing. i started mentally dissecting the idea of being social and why we jam-pack our social calendars (but that’s a long winded tangent). 

with this bonus-time off since our return home (d went back to the j-o-b a couple of weeks ago), i was starting to believe that i was now more of an “I” vs. an “E.” looking back, i was clearly just having a major case of the post-adventure blues. i went from daily sensory overload back to familiar monotony. and i’ll be the first to admit that as the weeks went by, i was no longer taking full advantage of my vacation time, but just being plain lazy. there were days i was making the bed and swiping on mascara around 5pm to trick d into thinking i’d left the couch that day. it was easy to do. but as i started to only cite the Today Show and bad Bravo TV, i realized things were getting a little stale – me at the top of the list.

once i accepted we were no longer traveling, i had to force myself to make plans, set goals and spend my days doing things that allowed me to flex my brain muscles. and the funny thing? each day i had a social outing during the day, danny could tell. those were the days i was much more alive, energized and happy.

noting that, i’m looking forward to getting back to a more balanced life. the old work hard, play hard routine. i’m curious to see how our adventure spills into my career. the things i learned, stuff realized and our new perspectives. will i be able to maintain this heightened state of chilled out? only time will tell.

starting today i’m tackling a new role within my company, and looking forward to the challenge. this year we checked a big one off the bucket list, and are now working towards new goals – both personally and professionally. so with that, the next phase of the big adventure continues.

“the biggest adventure you can take
is to live the life of your dreams.”


(call me naive, but i believe that’s really possible.)

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