when fit(ness) trumps fashion.

running shoes with arch support

i’m not even going to admit how old my gym shoes are (were).

yeah, yeah i know you’re supposed to replace things like gym shoes, bras and make up brushes pretty regularly, but i just don’t. judge me all you want.

it was danny who finally threw my gym shoes in the donation bag and forced me to get a new pair. like most women, i immediately gravitated towards the super cute sporty shoes online. like the kind that could also double for a casual look on a plane ride or sporty weekend brunch theme.

but the thing is, my feet turn in slightly when i exercise and it can be painful on my knees and ankles. soooo i actually need gym shoes with ample arch support — the kind of support that cute kicks do not provide.

my husband took me to The Runners Den for a serious fitting. not a runner — i once partially walked a 5K — i was a fish out of water. the parking lot’s cars were covered in 26.2 and 13.1 stickers, everyone had their best moisture wicking gear on and our sales lady’s calves led me to believe she’d already run two marathons that morning.

“i need new gym shoes,” i said. she started asking me about my training routines and i straight up told her that i’m stoked to make it 30 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill. i don’t need serious footwear and i don’t want toe-socks. “alright, let’s get started!” this chick was serious. for the next 30 minutes she gave me her undivided attention and carefully studied each of my steps. she had me walking to and fro both barefoot, then with shoes, inside, outside, okay now do a light jog. okay, stop. briskly walk.” shit, i was getting a workout in the store.

she concurred that i needed some extra support and within a flash (she obviously sprinted to the back room) was back with two options to fit my needs. it was an easy choice – from the fit and feel standpoint. but my first question — um, do they come in any other styles or colors? “no. and that’s why you don’t see a mirror in our store,” she said. (hardcore) “fitness isn’t about looks, it’s about how it feels.” i wanted to snap back that the only reason i do fitness is because of looks, but i knew my audience wouldn’t appreciate the sarcasm.

so, i looked at danny and said, “okay, whatever” and walked out of the store with one of the most expensive pairs of shoes i own, that also happen to be the world’s ugliest, bulkiest and most obnoxious pair of running shoes ever. they’re like reptile shrek themed.

running shoes with arch support 

 comfortable & owning it.




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  • Reply August 2, 2014

    Erica Newton

    Bahahhaha!!!! I am dying laughing at this post. You are auch a good writer and I can see this whole episode as I read it! I love that you bit your tongue and walked out with your new shrek shoes! I bet your feet are thanking you. X

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