a super fun read (don’t take offense to the title).

what i was doing while you were breeding reviewnow all my mommy and daddy friends don’t get up in arms. i love your babies and you’ll love this book just as much as my kidless self did. what i was doing while you were breeding is a memoir of a comedy writer kristin newman and her solo travels and global escapades. it’s hilarious, it’s insightful, it’s inspiring and it includes one of my favorite travel mantras:


“do the things you’re supposed to do
in the places you’re supposed to do them.”


weed in amsterdam. cheap massages in thailand. gondola ride in venice, italy. cheesy kissing at the eiffel tower. BBQ in texas. scooting around in white linen pants in greece. stripes on a yacht.

….and ZIP LINING in costa rica.

this has been mine and d’s ongoing joke since we booked this ticket.
he’s SO adamant that he’s not going zip-lining because it’s lame and cheesy.
but it’s exactly what you should be doing in the place you’re supposed to do it!

so guess what my current goal in life is?
yup, get danny in that crotch-hugging harness for a swing through the trees.

stay tuned.


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