day trip to marbella, costa rica.

after a few triple surf days – sunrise, lunchtime and sunset – danny officially bruised a rib and begrudgingly decided that a couple days out of the waves would be best for healing. so we figured it was a good time to load up the one-tank wonder, our Terios rental, and hit the road to check out some of our neighboring Guanacaste beach towns —  Ostional (where the turtles hatch), San Juanillo and the black sand beaches of Marbella.

guanacaste area of costa ricathe guanacaste region of costa rica
marbella costa ricabeep beep! tourist terios coming through!

marbella costa ricain costa rica, a local cafe or restaurant is called a “soda”. they’re everywhere and guaranteed comida tipica.
P1250529typical village street scenes
marbella costa ricala village vida
drive from nosara to marbellaonce again, lots of river crossings and non-existent bridges to be crossed!
P1250548but then we arrived in the tiny town of marbella and its black sand beaches
marbella costa rica black sand beachesthe black black sand was HOT!

P1250537P1250557basically had the beach to ourselves
marbella costa ricaplaya marbella costa ricamy beach squad. can 2 people be a squad?
P1250598what if we add a pooch? squad? okay, fine.
marbella costa ricathis playa pooch adopted danny and hung with us all day. we named him marbella.
P1250605see the dos amigos on the right?
marbella costa ricapeaceful beach where the waves are rumored to attract big time surfers 
marbella costa ricaloads of palm trees
marbella costa ricathe ONLY restaurant in marbella is Tiki Hut (and it’s not much, but works)
marbella costa ricapina colada for the gentleman
marbella costa ricafollowed by fresh fish tacos, bland beans & rice  — pretty much the staples

the “main town” of marbella is super tiny. like we kept wondering if that was really it.
but it was.
and it’s kind of strange because it’s like they’re preparing for a giant boom and building A TON of western housing developments, but it’s currently ghost town. super strange.


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