“over the river and through the woods to samara, costa rica we go”

you think we would have learned our lesson about driving in costa rica after our roadtrip — the distance on maps and “highway” road conditions cannot be trusted! but nope, one afternoon we decided to take a quick day trip south to check out Playa Samara. on the map it looked close. a straight shot – only 25 kilometers (15 miles) on “highway” 160.

WRONG. before we could even finish a single song on the radio, we were back on bumpy, pot-hole filled roads and gave each other the “seriously? again?” looks. but we charged on. and then about 1-hour into our trek we reached a river. no joke, a river that had one SUV stuck in it, another trying to help pull it out and a bunch of people getting off their motobikes and walking across. so danny jumped out of the car and started to talk through the river to see if we could cross, and if so, what our route would be.
IMG_6651danny got back in the car, said it was going to be close and if we get water into the engine/interior, we’re hosed. for the good news is that there were people around who could help us, if need be. so d got in the gar, gunned the TERIOS and we went charging through the river!

IMG_6652we made it! and then about 5 minutes later, we got stuck in a herd of cattle, who always have the right of way.
but 1.5 hours later we arrived at playa samara! and it was cute.

samara costa ricawild horses on the beach!
samara costa rica samara costa ricaPlaya Samara, Costa Rica so felt and looked like a beach town in thailand. it was a flood of memories.
samara costa ricathe main drag.
samara costa ricasurfer dreams
samara costa ricajust a couple of costa rican dudes hanging out.
samara costa ricabeach town transportation
samara costa ricawe’ve been really surprised at how many healthy and organic food choices their are. hardly any fast food and mostly pretty good stuff.
samara costa ricaseaside mural. costa rica culture isn’t shy when it comes to color and i love it!
samara costa ricacan’t alto, won’t alto.
samara costa ricasamara super (the grocery store)
samara costa ricawe’ve been eating so much fresh fish. you watch it come in off the boat – it’s as delicious and fresh as it comes.
samara costa rica samara costa ricamucho gringos en playa samara
samara costa ricawe found a beach bar with some shade and cracked open our very earned imperial lights!
samara costa ricataken for obvious reasons. oh how much we miss our mr. munch!
samara costa ricacosta rican tweens – the attitude, and i imagine the convo, spans all countries & cultures.
samara costa ricablanquita found a beach!
samara costa ricatypical scene. love.

we decided to head back before the sun set and i’m glad we did. we hit the river crossing without anyone around to help should we get stuck. here’s a quick (out of focus – whoops) video of my master navigator and river captain getting us across!



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