good tracks & tunes

spring jams. pump up the volume.

here in the desert we celebrate spring – not summer. all things wonderful are happening NOW in arizona. you can just feel the energy….

right now :: the ting’s top 10 artists.

some are old and some are new. here’s what the bocktings are currently rocking out to. in no particular order: Portugal. The Man Currently probably the #1 band…

music for the soul.

the timing for this album couldn’t be better. it’s the kind of music that gets into your soul. it’s about love and life and…

i have beef with bon iver.

as mentioned in this “beats & lyrics” post… i’m a lyrics girl. i connect to music most through the lyrics. the story. and this my friends, is…

press play :: geographer

wanna know a secret? i have a new musical obsession – geographer. they’re very ra ra riot meets cut // copy and i’m smitten….

avicii (pronounced: ah-vee-chee)

on sunday night i went with a girlfriend to see Avicii, a popular swedish DJ, and the night did not disappoint. the show was…