Osaka + Kyoto + Tokyo
japan travel route

our jam-packed japanese travel route.

{click to enlarge} we flew from denpasar, indonesia to osaka, japan on AirAsia X route: denpasar –> kuala lumpur –> osaka 10+ hours in…

japanese toilets

japanese toilets for the win.

and i’m not just talking about the bidet feature (water that splashes your rear). i’m talking about japanese smart toilets : heated seats :…

best place to stay in tokyo

where to stay in tokyo :: shibuya.

the streets of shibuya are always alive. hip cafes & restaurants everywhere the famous shibuya crossing {via} our last stop in japan (and asia)…

where to get ramen in kyoto

burnt miso ramen at gogya kyoto.

after plenty of fast casual, vending machine style ramen meals, we were happy to find gogya in kyoto for a proper sit-down, long dinner…

nine hours hotel kyoto japan

sleeping in a japanese capsule.

after we added japan to our route, one of danny’s “must do” items was to stay at a japanese capsule hotel. the capsule concept…

what to do in kyoto japan

traditional temples of kyoto, japan.

kyoto is to japan what hoi an is to vietnam.┬áthe city has maintained its traditional Japanese architecture and culture which is a striking juxtaposition…